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Traffic tickets can be more than an annoyance or inconvenience. If you don’t handle your traffic ticket the right way, you could find yourself suspended from driving in North Carolina. Did you know that paying off a ticket in which you were traveling 15 miles an hour over the posted speed limit could result in a 30 day suspension? Did you know that if you’re caught driving during that suspension you could end up with a criminal record? If you need help with a traffic ticket, contact our Raleigh traffic ticket lawyer today.

Don’t take your speeding matter lightly. The Scharff Law Firm has the experience and ability to get you the reduction you need to prevent a possible suspension, and an increase on your insurance premiums. In most cases, you won’t ever need to appear in court.

What are the most common traffic ticket violations in Raleigh?

According to 2014 data from the Raleigh Police Department, speeding violations are the top initial purpose of traffic stops, followed by vehicle regulatory violations. The North Carolina Department of Justice provided the following data of all 2014 traffic stops by the Raleigh PD categorized by age:

PurposeUnder 2020-2425-2930-3435-3940-4950-59Over 59Total
Driving While Impaired5631230318714414075201237
Other Motor Vehicle Violation3171232118199572010245602246253
Safe Movement Violation3289908196404448215343894965
Seat Belt Violation984423593091753062121292030
Speed Limit Violation1303419036833189244641352241133222519
Stop Light/Sign Violation2487676395334126464172313893
Vehicle Equipment Violation48717791255101666510356142667117
Vehicle Regulatory Violation62633183495299722603545185775618854

The Scharff Law Firm will order an updated copy of your driving record, and review your driving history to effectuate the best outcome for your situation. We know when to use a Prayer for Judgment (PJC) continued to protect your privilege and insurance rates. There are two point scales that impact your ability to drive. One is the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) point scale, and the other is the insurance point scale. If you accumulate too many DMV points, this can lead to a suspension of your driving privilege. You are entitled to two PJC’s every five years to manage your DMV points. If you receive insurance points, your premiums could go up $200 for every point you accumulate. You are entitled to one PJC every three years to protect your insurance points.

The Scharff Law Firm traffic ticket rates begin at $240 and include the payment of your court costs and fines. Different rates may be quoted depending on your speed, your prior driving history, and what type of charge you were cited with. Every court case is unique, and every client has a unique experience. We look forward to meeting with you, getting the details of your specific situation, and resolving the matter in the way that best suits your needs.

Some people find themselves with the complicated dilemma of mishandling their prior traffic tickets and finding themselves suspended with multiple traffic cases that need fixing. It’s not a problem for the Raleigh traffic ticket attorneys at Scharff Law Firm. Let’s sit down and look at your driving history. Sometimes the solution is as simple as filing a motion for appropriate relief, and changing the outcome of a previous ticket. We can get it done.

Call the Scharff Law Firm today (919) 457-1954 for a free consultation. We want to fight for you!