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  1. Checkpoints must have a permissible primary programmatic purpose
    1. What sort of questions were you asked?
    2. What requests did the officers make?
      1. License, registration, insurance?
    3. How many officers approached your vehicle?
      1. Were any additional officers looking in your vehicle?
    4. Were there any drug dogs at the scene?
    5. Were the drug dogs checking all vehicles?
    6. Were there drug detectives at the checkpoint?
  2. Was the checkpoint reasonable?
    1. How long was the encounter?
    2. Did traffic ever get backed up?
    3. How were you made aware that it was a DWI checkpoint?
    4. Was the checkpoint set up in a safe location?
    5. Was every vehicle that came through the checkpoint stopped?
    6. How long was the checkpoint set up for?
  3. Were you stopped while turning away from a checkpoint?
    1. Were there signs that made you aware of what was going on ahead?
    2. Did it look like an accident scene?
    3. Did it look like a construction scene?
    4. Did you commit any traffic violations while turning around?
    5. How close were you to the checkpoint?
    6. Did your driving maneuvers appear to be suspicious?
    7. Were you just trying to avoid an accident scene and get home quickly?

Types of DWI Encounters

  1. Traffic Stop
  2. Anonymous Tip
  3. Checkpoint
  4. Accident