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How Long Does It Take To Legally Change Your Name?

In North Carolina, if you are at least eighteen years old, you can petition the court to allow your name to be changed. However, residents are generally only permitted to change their name one time outside of marriage or divorce proceedings. Let’s look at the entire process and how long it takes to legally change your name. THE FIRST 10 DAYS ...
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How Much Does it Cost to Change Your Name?

There are many reasons why individuals want to change their name. Depending on the reason for the change, it could cost you more or less time and money. Let’s look at some name change scenarios and how much it could cost you to change your name. Marriage & Divorce This is a relatively simple name change and does not cost much at all. Y...
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How to Legally Change Your Name

Wanting to legally change your name is a relatively common need. You may want to change your name randomly, but there are specific reasons that North Carolina recognizes as valid. It is common to change your name if you are going through any of these changes: MarriageDivorceAdoptionNaturalization as a citizenOther good cause The process of l...
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Can Violent Misdemeanors Be Expunged?

A misdemeanor conviction on your criminal record can cause difficulty getting a job, finding an apartment, or buying a home or car. If you’ve made a mistake in your life that resulted in a misdemeanor conviction, there may be a way you can have it removed from your record.  Some types of violent misdemeanors can never be removed from you...
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How Can I Expunge a Juvenile Record?

As a young person, your brain and ability to make good decisions are still growing. In addition to riskier behavior, juveniles, along with those who have a mental illness or diminished mental capacity are at a higher risk of falsely confessing.  Fortunately, juvenile records can often be expunged. Whether your criminal record was rightfull...
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