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Is Shoplifting a Felony?

Businesses make retail store designs with you in mind. They want you to want things that you can’t afford. At a shopping mall, the marketing ploys may make you feel like you need more than you have. The latest styles and gadgets sit right under your nose, taunting you. It can feel like you are missing out on what others are enjoying.  Th...
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Is Receiving Stolen Property Illegal?

Everyone knows that stealing from others is against the law in North Carolina. Whether you shoplift trinkets, steal from a friend’s house, or break into a bank, there are severe penalties associated with larceny. However, did you know that you can also face charges if you accept stolen goods that someone gives you? Let’s look at whether receiv...
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Avoiding Theft Charges in NC

If you’re facing theft charges in North Carolina, you may have many questions about what happens next. What kinds of penalties are you looking at? How can you best defend yourself in court? If you’ve faced charges more than once, will the courts hold that against you? What makes theft a felony charge? Let’s look at answers to common question...
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How to Beat a Drug Trafficking Charge

Drug trafficking charges depend on the amount of a controlled substance you possess. The amount that brings a trafficking charge varies according to the drug and its ranking in North Carolina drug schedules. Each controlled substance has different amounts that you may possess without fear of a trafficking charge. However, a trafficking charge in N...
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What is Drug Court?

In North Carolina, there are many programs to help those who suffer from addiction issues. If you suffer from an addiction, you might have been to a treatment center or gotten involved in community programs to find help. However, if you didn’t find relief from your substance abuse disorder, you could face drug charges and, eventually, drug court...
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