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We Support Decriminalization of Marijuana

The Scharff Law Firm supports the decriminalization of marijuana, and will fight for clients charged with marijuana crimes until the day that marijuana use becomes legalized in North Carolina. We feel so strongly about this that we offer discounted representation to people who have no prior arrest record, and have been criminally charged with marijuana possession. Our Raleigh, NC marijuana attorneys are passionate about this cause, and we will fight for your rights.

Marijuana Statistics

Marijuana is a widely used drug in America and it ranks 3rd behind alcohol and tobacco in terms of its popularity. Millions of Americans smoke marijuana, and there are statistics indicating that over 13 million Americans are regular users of marijuana. Statistics also indicate that close to half a million people die from causes related to alcohol and tobacco per year. Marijuana on the other hand is nontoxic and does not cause death by overdose. Despite this, marijuana is illegal and three quarters of a million Americans are arrested per year for marijuana related crimes. Those arrests are more than all violent crime arrests combined and the cost to taxpayers is over ten billion dollars annually.

Let Us Work to Keep Your Record Blemish Free

If you are over 21 and convicted of marijuana possession, there is no way to get that blemish off your record. At the Scharff Law Firm our Raleigh marijuana lawyers work hard to find a way to keep your record blemish free when it comes to drug convictions. There are a variety of ways to ensure that you are positioned for a positive outcome after being charged with a marijuana related offense. The courts offer programs and educational classes that when completed, will result in your case being dismissed. There may be other deferred prosecution opportunities to earn a dismissal. You may not have possessed the drug at all. In those types of cases, you have a right to plead not guilty and request a trial.

Each marijuana charge is unique and each case provides different possible avenues to earn a dismissal or a not guilty at trial. The marijuana attorneys at the Scharff Law Firm have experience both prosecuting and defending drug related crimes for a combined total of over 20 years. If there is a defense to your case, whether it be a constitutional violation or factual defense, we are not going to miss it.

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If you have found yourself caught up in the so called ‘war on drugs’ and have been charged with a marijuana crime in Raleigh or Wake Country, NC, or the surrounding areas, contact us via email or call the Scharff Law Firm today (919) 457-1954 for a free consultation. We want to fight for you!