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Scharff Law Firm
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 34 reviews
by Kevin Coppage

Amily was amazing in all she did for me. I appreciated her for taking my initial call and carrying me through a 16 month case. She was very thorough and upfront. She gave me all of my options and guided me through the process. She has a wealth of knowledge to assist her clients in time of need. Her personality and professionalism compliments each other. Every interaction that we had, she made me feel like I was the most important client. Even though I paid my legal fees in full, I will forever be in debt to her. Through this process I gained a personal attorney and a friend. I will always send my family and friends to her for legal assistance. If you need an attorney, Amily should be your choice!

by Holly

Amily represented me and did an amazing job doing so. I was always informed and never left in the dark about my case. She always followed through and went above and beyond to make sure I was aware and made everything clear-cut. I highly recommend her!

by Ashley
Absolutely the Best

Amily is a great lawyer. She always answers emails in a timely manner and is available to answer any questions along the way. She was very straight and honest about the possible outcomes of my situation. She definitely went out of her way, above and beyond to get everything sorted out for me. I couldn’t have found a better lawyer to work with. Due to her hard work and efforts, I can put my mistakes behind me and move on. She absolutely advocated for me like she said she would. I Highly recommend this law firm.

by Elliott C.
Complete Freedom and Unexpected Vindication

I found Scharff Law at the height of a legal predicament I was sure would be the end to life as I know it, and IT WAS. Little did I know my life would change for the better, despite the circumstances that brought me to solicit Amily’s services.

I was charged with felony possession of cocaine on 2/29/20, and I was completely overwhelmed due to the nature of the charge and this being my first encounter with the legal system. I found Scharff Law online on Sunday March 1st (I was arrested Saturday evening) , and Amily immediately put me at ease. She assured me that she would advocate for me to fullest extent possible, and she was confident that I would be able to pursue lesser charges given this being my first offense.

I met with Amily at the courthouse the next day (Monday) for my initial court date, and she explained the process of how she would be meeting with the DA assigned to my case, in order to pursue a deferral program after first seeking dropping my charge to a misdemeanor. She also expressed my potential for expungement assuming that things go as planned. Long story short, things went BETTER than planned. They went better than my family and I could have imagined. Within less than 2 months time (it would have been sooner but court was delayed due to the current Covid restrictions), my case was completely DISMISSED. I did not have to participate in a deferral program, classes, community service, etc. NOTHING.

My family and I took personal steps to enroll me into an outpatient recovery program in early March, which was not even for the legal benefit but for my own benefit to address my substance abuse issues. Amily conveyed my recovery participation to the DA, and she advocated for my clean legal record, my gainful employment, strong family support system, my character, and my POTENTIAL. I genuinely know that Amily was invested in ensuring that I came out of this experience without blemish, and she has seen that through.

I am grateful and blessed that I found Scharff Law. Amily is now pursuing my expungement, which will afford me the integrity of my name and my peace of mind. I am now 63 days sober, and I attribute part of my success in this early sobriety to Amily specifically. She relieved the stress and anxiety that I felt during this traumatic life event, which enabled me to focus on my recovery. I could go on forever, but I feel I’m starting to ramble. If anyone is in need of a competent and compassionate legal advocate that you can trust and depend on, Scharff Law is your firm. Thank you Amily!

by Mike G.
Teenagers get in trouble. Ugh!

As a parent of a teenage boy, my wife and I were horrified to get a call from the local police and informed that our son had been arrested for selling THC Vape cartridges! This was not a minor infraction since he was selling, he was charged with PWISD. A felony! A parent's worse nightmare! We've all preached to our kids, bad decisions result in bad consequences. Kids, even teenagers that should know better, just seem to learn the hard way. Thank God my wife and I found Amily!! What really interested me initially was that Amily had worked at the Wake County District Attorney’s Office for four years. Negotiating with the District Attorney was going to be essential if my son was to have a chance of preventing this from going on his record permanently. Long story short, Amily worked with the DA to have the charge dismissed if my son did extensive community service, attended a rehab center, and stayed out of trouble. My son did just that and we are happy to be on the path to getting the charges expunged permanently. A parent reading this is obviously dealing with an issue where their child has made the wrong decision. I can say from experience that choosing Amily was the best decision my wife and I made. Thank you Amily!!!

by Andrew
Great Service

Amily recently assisted me with a legal issue, and I could not have been happier with her services. Amily was always supportive and understanding when it came to my issue, and she was on top of everything, letting me know about everything that was going on. This allowed me to keep my peace of mind while going through my everyday life. Amily was eventually able to have my case dismissed, and I am glad that I had her to help put this behind me.

by Kassey

I absolutely love Amily!!!! She is so passionate and thorough about everything she does! She guided me and educated me on everything throughout the process of something extremely difficult! If you were looking for an amazing attorney Amily is the one!! There are so many more great things I could say but I do not believe this text box would accommodate❤️

by Terrell
The Best!!!!

Amily is the best attorney I could've ever hired. Fast working to get my cases dismissed with literally no hassle at all. Responds to every email quickly; everything you want in an attorney. I highly recommend Amily.

by T. Wright
Totally amazing

Amily McCool is hands down the best you will ever find in wake county. When I came to Amily, I was down and out. I was charged with a felony that would have gotten me many years in prison. Not only did I have these trumped up charges I was also in a very abusive relationship ( which lead to the charges). From the beginning to the end of this process, Amily was honest, informative passionate and always made me feel as if I was her only client. In the end not only did she aggressively fight for me she proved my innocence but all charges were dismissed (out of court) and the real perpetrator (my estranged husband) was charged. Amily was also amazing in helping me obtain a 50b domestic violence protection order. Amily also showed so much concern for the safety and wellbeing of my children and she connected us with a local domestic violence group, which has been tremendously helpful. I can't thank you enough Amily McCool and Scharff law firm. 😁

by Grace M
GREAT representation!

Amily was the absolute best attorney I could have gotten for my situation. She was always quick to respond to my emails and helped me understand all that I was confused about. She was able to get me a great disposition and the charge ended up getting dismissed and expunged! I highly recommend Scharff Law firm and Amily if you are looking for a lawyer who keeps you in the loop and takes the pressure and stress off your shoulders!

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