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Raleigh Prescription Drug DWI Lawyer

Prescription Medication DWI

Worst Case Scenario: You are taking lawfully prescribed medication at a therapeutic dosage and this medication does not impair your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. You are involved in an accident that may or may not be your fault. Your pill bottle visible in the vehicle. You truthfully admit to the officer that you take medication for medical reasons. You are shaken up or injured from the accident. The officer attributes your nervousness or injuries to impairment. You are placed under arrest for DWI and your blood is drawn. Of course the blood is going to show the medications that you admitted to taking in your blood. But now the government wants to convict you for Driving While Impaired solely because you had remaining in your body some lawfully prescribed medication that you had taken per doctor’s order. The government’s lab analyst will not be able to quantify how much of the medication was in your body or whether it was impairing you. However, the prosecutor will argue that just because you were involved in a wreck, that the medications in your system must have appreciably impaired and been the cause of the crash. You need an experienced criminal attorney on your side that understands drugged driving and laboratory reports.