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Jesse Scharff – Retired

About Jesse Scharff

Jesse received his initial trial experience as a Public Defender in Baltimore Maryland.

Representing hundreds of clients during those four years, he had dozens of bench trials and conducted the defense of over 25 jury trials. Jesse learned quickly that communication was imperative to a good working relationship with his clients.

Criminal defense clients deserve an advocate that kept open a clear line of honest communication. He knew it was this kind of interaction that over time, builds a solid foundation of trust. Trust is essential when clients are facing life-changing decisions. This type of open, honest communication has become an integral part of the culture at the Scharff Law Firm.

Jesse Scharff began practicing criminal defense in North Carolina in 2009 and established the Scharff Law Firm in 2013. Through his practice, he always strived to ensure that his client’s voices were heard, and their stories were told in the courtroom. For ten years, he fought for clients across the state of North Carolina.

Jesse Scharff is the founder of the Scharff Law Firm. He took a hiatus at the end of 2019 and retired from actively practicing law in 2021. Prior to taking his hiatus, he welcomed Amily McCool, a skilled and passionate attorney who Jesse has known for years, to join him at the Scharff Law Firm.

He is glad that Amily can continue to carry on the work he started through her own firm, doing business as the Scharff Law Firm.