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Drug Trafficking in North Carolina: What You Need to Know

What is drug trafficking? Drug trafficking is the sale, transportation, or possession of drugs with the intent to distribute them. Trafficking is distinguished from “possession with intent to sell and deliver” based on the quantity of drug in your possession. Trafficking drugs can carry severe penalties, including mandatory minimum sentences i...
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Are Whippets Drugs Illegal in NC?

Whippets are an inhalant drug that many people don't know about. Young people often use whippets drugs recreationally in addition to other inhalant drugs. Let’s look at inhalant drugs and whether whippet drugs specifically are illegal in NC. We will also discuss what charges you could face if law enforcement catches you using them. What Are I...
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NC Supreme Court Protects LGBTQ+ Domestic Violence Rights

In a significant victory for the LGBTQ+ community, the North Carolina Supreme Court has upheld a Court of Appeals decision establishing that people in same-sex dating relationships are entitled to domestic violence protections. This decision is a huge step forward in ensuring that all survivors of domestic violence have protection under the law. R...
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Expungement in NC: How to Remove a Criminal Record

In December 2021, the North Carolina General Assembly expanded the state's expungement requirements with Senate Bill 562. Even more eligibility is now available for the expungement of criminal records. If you are wondering whether you are now eligible for expungement or if you would like help clearing your criminal record, read on. The Daily Ta...
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How Does Name Change in NC Work?

Making a legal name change in NC is not usually legally difficult but can be extremely tedious. It’s also important to make sure that you understand all of the necessary steps, and local requirements, and some of the trickier timing issues. Changing your name is a separate process from correcting your gender marker. You may want to proceed with ...
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