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What Is Reasonable Suspicion?

You have likely heard of reasonable suspicion but many individuals can benefit from understanding it in more depth – particularly if they are put in a situation of interacting with law enforcement officers. Reasonable suspicion is a legal standard by which officers are allowed to ask questions of and frisk an individual they have reason to believ...
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When Can a Lawyer Breach Confidentiality?

The justice system ensures that all citizens have the right to legal representation, and two of the legal concepts that enable this are attorney-client privilege and the duty of confidentiality. Essentially, an attorney may not disclose any communication with a client to anyone outside of the client’s legal team. Doing so would not only damage th...
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What Is Attorney Client Privilege?

When an individual hires a Raleigh criminal lawyer for legal representation, the attorney needs to know all of the facts of the client’s situation to provide effective representation. The concept of attorney-client privilege helps establish trust and open communication between attorneys and their clients. Under attorney-client privilege, attorne...
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What Proof Do You Need for a Restraining Order?

The process of obtaining a restraining order follows a framework similar to any other civil procedure. The person filing for the order completes the required paperwork and submits a claim to the court. The court reviews the application and then schedules a hearing for the claimant, and the judge presiding over the hearing will render a judgment aft...
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Is There a Self Defense Law in North Carolina?

U.S. citizens have a universal right to reasonable self-defense in qualifying circumstances. However, not all states have the same laws – each state has their own definitions of self-defense and when it is permissible to use. As a North Carolina resident, it’s essential to know the applicable self-defense laws so you can act appropriately in a ...
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