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How much does it cost to hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Raleigh, North Carolina

If you’ve been arrested and are facing criminal charges in North Carolina, one of the first concerns you’re likely to have when it comes to hiring a criminal defense lawyer is, “What will representation cost?” While it is impossible to nail down exactly what their services will cost, we can provide some guidance on how fees are calculated and what the average costs of services are. The following is a breakdown of how criminal defense lawyers in Raleigh, North Carolina charge for their services.

Experience is vital. Typically, less experienced lawyers charge less than
their more experienced competitors. However, it is important to note that a more experienced, and more expensive lawyer may work to your benefit. Why? Their experience may help to resolve your case quicker and with a better result than a less experienced attorney, which could save you money in the long run. An experienced attorney will be able to position your case successfully based on his or her knowledge of the process and the personalities involved at the courthouse.

The complexity of your case. Attorneys typically charge more for felonies than they do misdemeanors. Why? Felonies often carry greater penalties, require more frequent court appearances, demand more preparation and are overall more work. The complexity of your case will directly impact the overall price of your lawyer’s fees.

Hourly Billing

When you are working with a civil attorney in a divorce proceeding or injury case, you will probably be charged an hourly rate. Most criminal attorneys will listen to your situation at the initial consultation and quote you a one time flat fee for representation. One of the disadvantages to hourly billing is that it can become very costly if your case becomes complicated. An experienced criminal attorney in Raleigh, North Carolina will be able to quote you a flat fee so that you will not need to worry about having to pay extra money into their trust account as the months go on. An good criminal defense attorney will take the time to listen to the complexities of your case at the initial consultation so that they can discuss potential outcomes and quote an accurate fee for services.


Generally, payment will need to be made prior to work commencing on your case. At the Scharff Law Firm we understand that being charged with a criminal matter is usually an unexpected event and not something that was factored in to your allotted monthly budget. We do our best to offer payment plans when it is appropriate, so that our clients can secure the professional level of representation that everyone deserves when facing government allegations of wrongdoing.

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