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What to do if you receive a “Criminal Summons” in Raleigh, North Carolina

If you receive a Criminal Summons or a Notice to Appear in Court as a criminal defendant in Raleigh, North Carolina, it is important to know that you are facing criminal charges. Just because you are not physically arrested does not mean you are not facing criminal sanctions. If you have received a Criminal Summons instead of being formally arrested, your case is scheduled before a judge in a criminal courtroom, most likely on the District Court level.

So what should you do if you receive one of these notices? The first thing you should do is contact a Raleigh defense attorney that can take on your case. You could face a conviction that will result in a criminal record, and the conviction could carry a fine or a jail sentence. If you fail to appear in court, it is likely that a warrant will be issued for your arrest.

If you’ve received a Criminal Summons, you should not shrug it off as “no big deal.” It should be looked at as an opportunity to avoid being arrested prior to trial. The law does not make any distinction between crimes that are charged via Criminal Summons versus physical arrest, but to you it should be important because you avoid being booked, having your mugshot taken, and being placed into handcuffs.

If you’ve received a Criminal Summons in Raleigh, having a criminal defense lawyer present at your first court date can prove beneficial. You’ve most likely received the opportunity of receiving a criminal summons due to your lack of criminal history or because the magistrate didn’t feel the complaint was egregious enough to put out a warrant. Being prepared with a good criminal defense attorney at your first court date will increase your chances of having the matter resolved quickly and in your favor.

If you’ve received a Criminal Summons, it is important that you contact a Raleigh, North Carolina criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. The better prepared you are, the better outcome you are likely to receive. For more information on criminal defense lawyers and what a Criminal Summons means for you, please contact the Scharff Law Firm at (919) 457-1954 today.