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Do I need a lawyer when I’m charged with a crime in Raleigh, North Carolina

If you’re being charged with a crime in Raleigh, North Carolina, it is in your best interest to hire a criminal defense attorney. Most defendants are represented by an attorney, especially when a prison or jail sentence is a possible outcome. It is almost always a bad idea for even the most competent person to handle his or her own criminal case and it is always recommended that one seek the advice of legal counsel.

Some people believe that the information they need to represent themselves will be found in a book, or can be learned from their cousin who’s been through a smiliar experience. Don’t make this mistake. The practice of criminal law requires a professional and experienced criminal defense attorney to navigate the challenges of the judicial system.

Even the courtroom layout is designed for defense attorneys to interact with the assistant district attorneys. The pro-se defendant will need to wait in line to speak with the assistant district attorney and is not allowed to cross the bar to do so. If you have an attorney, your case will be handled swiftly and conversation will ensue between two attorneys that know each other deal with each other on a daily basis.

Having an attorney will expedite the chances of:

  1. Negotiating a deferred prosecution agreement or plea deal;
  2. Reducing the charges or negotiating a lesser sentence;
  3. Gathering discovery from the State’s witnesses and victims;
  4. Locating investigators and defense witnesses that can contradict help to bolster your position.

A criminal defense attorney will help advise you on the possible outcome of your case, and help you to decide whether or not to go to trial. Hiring a defense attorney will help you understand the law generally and also the specific cultural nuances of the local courthouse. What time does this courtroom open? What is this judge like? Is this an experienced prosecutor?

Criminal law is complicated and constantly changing, so defendants that choose to represent themselves are faced with a variety of challenges. The best idea is to hire an advocate that will know your local court system, be experienced at criminal defense, and familiar with the specifics of your charges.

For more information on criminal defense attorneys in Raleigh, North Carolina and to find out what a criminal defense lawyer can do for you if you’re facing charges, please contact the Scharff Law Firm in Raleigh, North Carolina at (919) 457-1954 today.