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Being accused of a sex crime is something that needs to be taken very seriously and acted on very quickly. Do not discuss the allegations with anyone other than your Raleigh sex crimes lawyer. Anyone you discuss the situation with will become a potential witness against you at trial.

Do not meet with law enforcement without hiring a sex crimes attorney to assist you. They will tell you that their intention is not to arrest you, and that they just want to get your version of the events. At the Scharff Law Firm, we are experienced at handling sex offense investigations. We can guide you through the process, and prepare you for a meeting with law enforcement if we decide it’s in your best interests.

As the days go by, law enforcement investigators will be busy creating a case against you. They will present their case to an assistant district attorney who will decide whether or not to prosecute you. The Scharff Law Firm North Carolina sex crimes lawyers will find out which ADA will be managing your case and timely present them with what we call an ‘Innocence Packet.’ This packet can contain witness affidavits, criminal history of the accuser, polygraph results, results from a private investigator, and other things that will help the prosecutor view your situation in a fair light. Don’t stand by hoping that law enforcement will uncover the truth that will set you free. They are looking for evidence that implicates you.

The Scharff Law Firm represents people charged with all types of sex crimes in North Carolina, including:

What is Sexual Battery?

The state of North Carolina defines sexual battery as engaging in any form of sexual contact with another person against their will. This doesn’t just include sexual conduct by force, but also sexual conduct with a person who is deemed mentally disabled or incapacitated, or a person who is considered physically helpless. If you are found guilty of a sexual battery charge in North Carolina, you could be facing up to a year in jail as it is an A1 misdemeanor. Sexual battery charges can be convoluted and confusing. Don’t trust your case to just anyone, call our talented Raleigh sexual battery lawyers for help.

1st vs 2nd Degree Sexual Offenses in North Carolina

First and second degree sexual offenses carry severe punishments in North Carolina. A first degree sexual offense implies that a person engaged in a sexual act with a person under the age of 13 and they are at least 4 years older than the victim, or they used force against the other person. To be considered a first degree sex offense, the force must have included use of a deadly or dangerous weapon, caused serious injury, or more than one person was involved in forcing the sex act. A 1st degree offense in North Carolina can carry a punishment of 192 – 240 months in prison.

A conviction for 2nd degree sexual offense is a class C felony and carries a punishment of 58 – 73 months in prison. This is defined as engaging in a sexual act against the victim’s will, either by force or due to the victim being mentally disabled or incapacitated, or considered physically helpless. Our 2nd degree sexual offense lawyers are experienced in these difficult and emotional cases. If you are facing sexual offense charges, contact us today.

We have had success when hired early on in the investigation process. Cooperating is fine, as long as you have some say in the process. We’re here to guide you through meetings with the Department of Social Services, Child Protective Services, and law enforcement. Don’t go it alone. Sex crimes carry lengthy prison sentences and a possible 30 year registration as a sex offender, even if you don’t go to jail.

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