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About Reba Scharff

I’ve always been passionate about helping those who sometimes don’t have a voice. It was in that spirit that I attended law school, with the hopes that I could be a means towards effectuating justice in my community. I knew that criminal justice was a field that I could thrive in. I attended the University of Baltimore School of Law and clerked for a Maryland Circuit Court Judge after graduation. I had the opportunity to observe cases from the perspective of the judiciary, and assist the judge in formulating legal rulings in both criminal and civil cases. I saw first hand the effects of violent crime on the families involved, and the ripple effects on the community at large. I watched as the court system tried to balance the scales and do the right thing, but I knew that the community needed more and everyone had a need to be heard.

After my judicial clerkship I began my career as a litigator with the Baltimore City State’s Attorneys Office. I was a young attorney and I felt passionate about helping people in my community. Working in an office that prosecuted 1/3 of all the crime in the state was a busy but amazing learning experience for me. I stayed involved in my community and worked hard in the courtroom to advocate for the people that needed it the most. I prosecuted thousands of cases in District Court and was promoted to the Felony Unit where I handled cases and jury trials for crimes such as burglary, robbery, assault and attempted murder. During my time as a prosecutor, I learned the trial techniques that the Government uses to prosecute cases. I know how to analyze a case from the prosecutors perspective, and I bring that knowledge to Scharff Law Firm as an advocate for our clients.

When I was a prosecutor, I realized that everyone has a story that deserves to be told. Police officers have their place in the judicial process and they have their own way of effectuating justice. Victims of crimes have their story and often need to be protected by the court system. But the world isn’t black and white – it’s a place full of color and with a variety of perspectives. It didn’t take me long to realize that any time a criminal matter reaches the courtroom, there are a variety of people that needed help and healing. I began to understand that sometimes the people I had been charged with prosecuting were the ones that needed me the most. I don’t believe that jail is the answer to every question, or that minor drug possession crimes need to be prosecuted. More often than not, rehabilitation and a second chance are what people need the most.

As a founding partner of the Scharff Law Firm, I bring my experiences as a prosecutor and my love for helping people to work with me everyday. Every situation is different and must be examined on many levels. It is of the utmost importance to protect people’s rights and guide them through this challenging period in their lives. There are many possible solutions to a case and I enjoy coming up with creative ways to reach a favorable resolution for my clients. I am not afraid to fight if that is what needs to be done. I get excited about preparing for trial and using my skills to evaluate the Government’s position before the battle begins. I am invested in the community in Raleigh, volunteering with the Raleigh Rescue Mission and working as a Guardian Ad Litem which provides a voice to disadvantaged children. Helping people is what I do, and I am very grateful for that opportunity and responsibility.